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" I want you to do to my lawn , what you've done to next doors ! "


Make your lawn the envy of your neighbours…in just one  treatment !

** Seasonal Lawn Treatments * *
From only £ 12.00
Less than the cost of doing it yourself !
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Treatments can start at any time of the year with either a

Spring Treatment ..

Summer Treatment ..

Autumn Treatment ..

Winter Treatment ..

Aeration ..



Lawn Treatment Services

*  Regular Weed and Feed *  Moss Control   * Scarification   * Aeration


* Full Liability Insurance   * PA1 and PA6a Certified


Ashton  Lawn before treatment                                       ……………and after treatment

Let us help you make your lawn the envy of your neighbours

Spring Lawn Treatment

Applying our slow release fertilizer , ensures your Lawn gets exactly what it needs to promote good growth and colour at the beginning of the season
Early weed growth is also targeted with a selective weed treatment

Summer Lawn Treatment

Another slow release fertilizer is applied to strengthen the grass , increase the density , improve the colour and prepare it for the summer ahead
A further weed control treatment is applied to treat any new emerging weeds

Autumn Lawn Treatment

In autumn we apply a specialised treatment that releases nutrition efficiently at this time of year , to promote rooting , to add colour for the winter and to prevent moss growth
A further selective weed killer is applied to eradicate any remaining weeds

Winter Lawn Treatment

At this time when moss can thrive , a liquid moss killer is applied to the lawn together with a liquid treatment that improves the colour and strengthens the lawn











Lawns in photo – have had winter moss treatment applied -

after just one day you can see moss turning brown  - ready for scarifying

Scarifying Your Lawn

Scarifying ( or Lawn dethatching as it’s sometimes known ) is an excellent way of keeping your lawn healthy all year round.

So what is Thatch?

Just below your grass and right above the line of the soil, there rests a layer of leaves, stems, and roots, some living, and some dead. This is all woven tightly and is known as thatch. It is a natural part of your lawn. But when thatch becomes too thick, it can interfere with new growth, preventing anything that’s trying to come through from finding the nutrients it needs.

Lawn Scarifying can be done manually with a spring rake or with an electric or petrol scarifer.
The scarifier pulls up the thatch and leaves it as a lump on top of your lawn. As you can see in the photo above , scarifying usually leaves the lawn not looking its best but it will quickly recover and will certainly benefit from the removal of thatch and moss ( all the thatch on the lawn in the picture is then cleaned away, bagged, binned or added to a compost heap , if you have one).

Lawn Scarifying is heavy work and takes some time to do, especially on a very mossy or heavily thatched lawn.


Unlike some lawn treatment companies , we will only scarify early in the growing season ( March & April ) or late in the growing season ( Sept and Oct )











Large lawn being scarified in Mossley.    (Thatch and Moss is bagged or put on compost or in Bin )

Call Tameside Lawn Care to come and scarify your lawn.

Lawn Aeration

If your lawn is starting to look a bit brown, unhealthy or thin it may be an idea to have your lawn aerated.
To keep your lawn growing at its full potential, you need lawn aeration.

Aerating is a simple and effective process of removing small plugs of soil from your lawn to encourage new growth.

Lawn in Grasscroft – Aerator removes “plugs” of soil to encourage new growth


This process of lawn aeration allows more oxygen and water to reach the roots, helps to decompose older grasses faster, and makes your lawn more drought-resistant. New growth will definitely be much healthier for having your lawn aerated.


Photos of some Treated Lawns :-






Before ....


Before .........

...... 8 weeks later !

Does your lawn look like this ?

.,,.would you like it to look like this ?




























Stalybridge Lawn.......before

Stalybridge Lawn........after

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